Seismic Retrofit

We provide high standard Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Retrofit Services in Cyprus, Greece and the International Construction Markets of Africa, Middle East and the Gulf Area.

Cyteco has considerable experience in this specialized field and executed many public and private projects we have taken the strategic decision to reorganize the company to offer the full spectrum of the Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Retrofit and Structural Upgrading of Reinforced Concrete Structures and Metal Structures.

The majority of buildings in Cyprus have been built without following any seismic design regulations or according to older regulations, inadequate for the current requirements. Besides, a large percentage of buildings, in all cities, almost exceed the life span of concrete structures. We can therefore deduce that the seismic adequacy of a large number of buildings is questioned.

The answer lies in the evaluation of seismic adequacy of existing buildings according to the specifications of Eurocodes. The seismic adequacy evaluation consists of:

Seismic assessment of the current structural condition.

  • Non-destructive concrete testing.
  • Data analysis with specialized software and analysis results.
  • Detailed report to the owner. Issuance of Certificate of Seismic Adequacy or recommendation for structural interventions.

If the seismic stability of the structure is found to be deficient and the owner wants to proceed with interventions, we propose Structural Strengthening Solutions, which improve building safety.

Our company’s experienced and highly-qualified civil engineers undertake the structural capacity tests and structural adequacy analysis required for the pre- or post-earthquake assessment and then they develop the Structural Intervention Design.