Mission,Vision and Values

We are committed to the highest Ethical standards and we conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner and we always seek partners and clients who share the same values and code of conduct. Our ultimate measure of success is to implement the principles of our MISSION, VISION AND VALUES.

Our Mission

Our mission is a better and Greener Planet and to sustainably deliver infrastructure which is vital and will make the life better and will bring value to the Society. Cyteco was founded on the belief that every decision will have positive impacts to the people and the communities and we always put Humanity at the center of our Business. We want to improve the people’s lives in order to be safer, better, greener, faster and more efficient.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish our Company in Cyprus and in the international construction markets as one of the top and reliable Engineering, Construction and Project Management Contractors, by achieving “Excellence” in everything we do and deliver sustainable infrastructures for a better world and a Greener Planet and to secure the profitable growth of our company in order to enable and proceed with new investments, creating opportunities, for the People and the Society. With our Experience and Technical capabilities and Innovative Solutions we create infrastructures and complete projects that convince our Clients and they are beneficial to everybody.

Our Values

All our values are in the heart of our Business and we always strive to educate and train our Human Resources to implement them and reflect our high level of qualities. We are a European Contracting Firm offering a diverse range of services which span all the spectrum of the construction industry. We utilize effectively our Human Resources, the materials and machinery and we create added value to our clients. We place value on flexibility, innovative strength and excellent quality in order to stand by our clients as a long term reliable partner.

Our values are applicable to everyone in our organization and support everything we do. These are:

  • Collaboration
  • Build Trust
  • Customer Focused
  • Integrity, honesty and fairness
  • Safety & Health
  • Sustainability
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Relationships
  • Quality Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Honor all commitments
  • Set high aspirations
  • Deliver what you promise
  • Inspiration for our people
  • Share the experiences