Business Strategy

From the beginning Cyteco has been shaped around a clear purpose. For over 20 years we have pursued a better way – challenging ourselves to dream bigger, transform and innovate.

As the world around us changes and new challenges arise, we believe we have a greater responsibility than ever before to create opportunities for communities to thrive, and we have a role to play in doing so sustainably.

We're living out our purpose through three strategic priorities. Pursue a sustainable world. Grow together. Deliver distinctive value. Our unwavering focus on these grounds our purpose in the actions we take every day.

Our planet has now reached a tipping point. The built environment holds many of the keys to a sustainable world, but bold action is needed – and fast. In an industry that’s been slow to adjust, we’re taking a lead – committing ourselves to bigger, bolder goals so that we, our clients and partners are all part of creating a world where communities thrive now, and for generations to come.