Responsible Business

We are a responsible business. Sustainable, inclusive, connected. This is our target and we always strive to make it happen, because we have the commitment, the ambition, the experience and the capabilities to go all the way and achieve exceptional results.

Whether we are recruiting apprentices, procuring responsibly resourced materials or reducing carbon emissions to zero, we are driven by the opportunity to positively impact lives - to pursue a sustainable world.

While our industry has taken steps to protect the planet by becoming more sustainable, what it has been achieved so far is not enough. We need to transform the way we build, refurbish, operate and repurpose the built environment.

Bold commitments and far-reaching targets will set the benchmark for our industry. Where more needs to be done, we will be one of the leaders. Where others need support, we will share what we have learned and work with them.

We are here at a significant and exciting stage of the history. As our company keeps growing at international level, we are harnessing our unique capabilities to be a force for positive change for the benefit of the people and the society.