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Services and Work Business Areas

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CYTECO offers a wide range of services in construction and Project management of private and Public Projects, as well as in the field of property development throughout Cyprus. More specifically, the company offers, on its own or in cooperation and joint ventures with other contracting firms the following services:



• Construction / Contracting

• Construction Management

• Project Management

• Facility Management


Construction is the major activity of CYTECO all over Cyprus. We have the resources, the knowledge and experience to undertake any kind of project, anywhere with unmatched expertise. We are familiar with construction regulations and labour Laws locally and internationally and we have the capability to execute any job in the public and private sector.


• Construction Management.

Major construction projects are complex undertakings involving a lot of subcontractors, material suppliers, thousands of workers and millions of US Dollars in material, equipment and services. The management and coordination of these operations, demands sound knowledge in Construction Management. CYTECO has the experience not only in the local market but internationally, covering a wide range of Industries.

Our expertise in construction management covers the project from its commencement to its completion, and includes the following:

- Managing the bid process and negotiating of awarded contracts.

- Materials management, including field procurement, receipt of materials, inspection, warehousing and issuing material to contractors.

- Construction and Site Administration.

- Commissioning and Maintenance of operations.


• Project Management.

Project management ties together all activities in a project. A project may be well organized contractually, financially and the workers may be highly experienced. But if all aspects of the project are not expertly integrated and managed it may overun the budget, fail to meet the schedule or failing to reach the required technical quality.

CYTECO has the experience in Project Management of very large and complex engineering and construction projects and has the knowledge and know how to manage all aspects of a project from engineering to procurement to construction and completion and ensure quality and project's completion, with safety, on time and within budget.


• Facility Management.

The complexity of modern projects and the growing trend for the organized management of their operation and maintenance have let to the provision of specialized services. This activity requires experience and specialized personnel, which Cyteco has, due to the heavy involvement in the general maintenance of large buildings and electromechanical facilities.



A. Building Projects

• Residential and Housing Building Blocks

• Educational Facilities

• Medical Centres and Hospitals

• Hotel and Tourist Facilities

• Office Blocks / Commercial and Shopping Centres

• Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

• Renovation and General Maintenance

• Structural and Seismic Upgrading of Existing R.C. and Steel Structures

• Cultural Centres, Theatres and Music Halls

• Prefabricated / Precast Buildings & Elements

• Energy and Electromechanical Facilities

• Restoration of Historic Buildings and Landmarks

• Multipurpose Events Buildings

• Athletic / Sports Buildings, Stadiums and Facilities


B. Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Projects

• Road works, Motorways, Streets and Bridges

• Oil, Gas Refinery and Electromechanical Facilities

• Airport Facilities & Runways

• Port Facilities

• National, Linear, Square Parks and Golf Developments

• Military and Police Facilities

• Sewage Treatment Plants

• Rehabilitation and Improvement of Open Public Places and Urban Planning Works

• Renovation and Structural Repairs of Roads and Bridges

• Water Dam and Irrigation Pipe work and Systems