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Quality Management Policy

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P.A. Cyteco Cyprus Technical Constructions Ltd is a major General Construction Company and is engaged in the Public and Private Sector throughout Cyprus. The company is registered in the Council for Registration and Control of building and Civil Engineering Contractors as a class 'A' Building Contractor and class 'B' Civil Engineering Contractor.

The Company implemented the Quality Management System CYS EN ISO 9001: 2008 from January 2006.

The target of CYTECO is to maintain and to enhance continually the good and well-known name it has acquired in quality management as well as the effective, prompt and financially beneficial execution of contracts in accordance with legislative regulations and to satisfy the demands of its clients.

It is the policy of CYTECO to maintain and implement an efficient and effective Quality Management System that has been designed to meet all the operations for managing the company.

The Company's objectives concerning the Quality Policy are as follows:

• The preservation and improvement of its reputation in the qualitative management of its organizational and operational issues.

• The maintenance of a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001/2008.

• The execution of projects it undertakes in accordance with the requirements of its clients and with respect for their expectation of acquired know-how and expansion of knowledge though the systematic training of personnel.

• The promotion on a continual basis of quality management as the responsibility of every employee.

• The health and safety welfare of employees as well as a continual effort to carry out projects with respect for both the natural environment and humans.

In order to achieve the aforementioned targets:

• The construction of technical projects undertaken by the company is designed in detail taking into consideration the prompt and safe completion of the tasks involved.

• The requirements of the individual clients are studied so that the executives of the company understand them fully, to the extend each echelon is involved.

• The company and the construction sites operate based on the Quality Management System that has been developed according to the standards of ISO 9001/2008, guided by the requirements of the market and the expertise gained from the projects.

• The associates of the company are selected with care and are evaluated systematically.

• The company personnel is trained and educated to meet the needs that arise each time.

• Know-how is recorded, systematized and is used from project to project.

The Management of CYTECO is committed to implement the aforementioned and calls all of its personnel to contribute to the implementation of this policy.