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Safety policy statement

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P.A. Cyteco Cyprus Technical Constructions Ltd is a major General Construction Company and is engaged in the Public and Private Sector throughout Cyprus. The company is registered in the Council for Registration and Control of building and Civil Engineering Contractors as a class 'A' Building Contractor and class 'B' Civil Engineering Contractor.

The Company implemented the Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007 from January 2006.

The Company's policy is to provide and maintain safe working conditions for all activities at its worksites and installations.


CYTECO is interested in preventing accidents which could be caused as a result of its activities, harming:

1. Its employees,

2. Employees of other companies involved in the projects it undertakes,

3. Third parties,

4. Equipment, facilities, materials, constructions, production and property

5. The environment.


To achieve this aim, CYTECO is constantly implementing and developing a Safety Management System, with the purpose of:

• Recognizing, assessing and controlling, evaluating and satisfying all safety requirements.

• Developing a safety organization with clear responsibilities and obligations at every level of the company.

• Staffing worksites with the necessary specialist safety personnel.

• Determining safety obligations for each of its subcontractors and evaluating them

• Training its employees

• Constantly monitoring the level of safety and evaluating it with effective procedures

• Recording, systematizing and transferring safety know-how from project to project so that the Company can learn and constantly improve.


The development of the above Safety Management System on the basis of the International Standard makes it possible to immediately access and adapt to legislative and other requirements in each region within and outside Cyprus.

CYTECO is supported in this endeavour by the Quality, Safety & Environmental Department.
In the framework of its commitment to improve safety, the management of CYTECO is making available all the necessary funds, and believes that all its employees will conscientiously and effectively take their share of responsibility in the joint effort to prevent accidents. Exactly the same is expected of its subcontractors and consultant companies and their employees.
The statement of Policy on Safety is a commitment and guideline for every level and all employees of the Company.



Petros P. Andreou

Civil and Structural Engineer
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer