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Enviromental Policy Statement

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P.A. Cyteco Cyprus Technical Constructions Ltd is a major General Construction Company and is engaged in the Public and Private Sector throughout Cyprus. The company is registered in the Council for Registration and Control of building and Civil Engineering Contractors as a class 'A' Building Contractor and class 'B' Civil Engineering Contractor.

The Company implemented the Environmental Management System CYS EN ISO 14001: 2004 from January 2006.

CYTECO puts into practice an Environmental Management System pursuant to CYS EN ISO 14001:2004 Standard, so as to be able to recognize any eventual impact generated from its business activity on the natural environment. In addition, the company has committed itself to take all necessary steps to the greatest possible extent in order to minimize the said impacts.

More specifically, the company has undertaken to:

• Acknowledge and fully comply with the Environmental Laws (Greek, European, International) governing the activities of the company

• Recognize and evaluate the pollutant sources so as to prevent pollution

• Recognize and evaluate the Environmental Aspects of its activities

• Recognize the Environmental Impact arising from Environmental Aspects and take all steps required for minimizing them

• Monitor and measure the Important Environmental Impacts

• Constantly improve its environmental performances

• Set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time scheduled (smart) goals and objectives and take all necessary steps for attaining them

• Train and make aware all employees of the company of Environmental Management and Protection issues

• Provide the resources required for implementing the Environmental Management System and for attaining the Environmental Goals and Objectives and

• Implement and constantly improve its Environmental Management System

CYTECO believes that environmental protection is an obligation of everybody and has committed itself to implement all possible measures, procedures and systems in order to minimize any negative environmental impact and maximize the respective positive effects.