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Business Ethics

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● Cyteco code of conduct is designed to provide general information and practical advice about the behavior that is expected from its employees on and off the job.


● Cyteco is committed to the highest standards of the ethical business conduct and seeks to do business with customers and partners who share these values. Cyteco conducts all its business transactions properly, fairly, impartially and ethically.

● Cyteco encourages openness, teamwork and trust and always strive to build dynamic teams from different nationalities, experiences and views and employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, age, religion, national origins or other discriminations.


● Cyteco always do business with care for the environment and for the health and safety of its employees, partners and other people involved in the projects and the society in general.


● Cyteco employees should take care to use confidential company information only for its intended purposes and after authorization by the management.


● Cyteco employees are expected to record and always report accurately with honesty all valuable information in business records and should keep the management aware of all developments.


●  Cyteco is against the unauthorized reproduction or transmition of written documentation, material or software which is illegal and harmful to company interests and reputation.


● Gifts and business courtesies to clients or some individuals should be in full compliance with Cyteco’s policies and instructions and they should be done legally and properly.


● Cyteco employees may voluntarily participate during their personal time in political activities and the company does not apply direct or indirect pressure on any employee to support any political party.


● Cyteco is committed to do business in full compliance with the anti-trust and competition laws of the jurisdictions which are applicable to the European Union Countries and internationally in general.

● Cyteco is committed to full compliance with all the national and international anti-bribery laws, regulations and conventions that prohibit corruption in obtaining or retaining business.


● The management of the company records should be done efficiently, economically and it compliance with the applicable national laws.


● Cyteco course of information or ideas and work products developed by the employees during their employment or through the use of company resources(ie. drawings, reports, computer software etc) cannot be disclosed to third parties without proper authorization.


● Cyteco employees are trusted to use good judgment and should conserve company resources at low costs in accordance with the company’s procedures and for business use only.


● Cyteco information systems, communication facilities and data bases are provided for doing company business only and are subject to all company policies and personal use of these facilities is acceptable provided that does not interfere with the employees work obligation.


● Cyteco encourages a healthy and safe work environment and any behavior that is not conducive to professional work environment is strictly forbidden.


● Full approval is required for any activity, transaction or relationship that could create the appearance of conflict of interest by employees or their family members.


● Cyteco employees may accept business courtesies other than cash provided that they promote successful working relationships and goodwill with the firms with whom Cyteco maintains business.


● Cyteco employees are prohibited from representing company supplier or being part of suppliers management and always should try to avoid conflict of interest.


● Cyteco employers may participate in activities of civic life but they should always make sure that they do so as individuals and not as Cyteco employees.


● Cyteco Management expects its employees to report violation or potential violation of business code of conduct so that the company management can take appropriate action to remedy the situation.